Prepare your data for machine learning like rockstar Data Engineer with DataRobot AI Platform

Hands-on-lab Content:

  • AI Platform various functionalities
  • Data Preparation
  • AI catalog (Library) Video and explanation
  • Creating Data Preparation Project
  • Filtergram — EDA
  • Creating Computational Features
  • Outlier Detection and Removal
  • Lookup Tables and Data Join
  • Conditional Computational Features
  • Window Functions with aggregation, ranking
  • Shape function, pivot, transpose
  • Feature or columns adjustment
  • Publish data (Lens) to AI Catalog

Why Data Robot AI Cloud Platform:

  • Data Science & Analytics Experts
  • IT & DevOps Teams
  • Executives & Information Workers

The AI Platform has 3 main functionalities:

  1. Data Preparation (Make your data ready for machine learning)
  2. Machine Learning (AutoML, VisualML)
  3. MLOps (Deploy your model per your need)



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