Intelligent model deployment and consume pipeline with DataRobot AI Cloud Platform

  • Data Science & Analytics Experts
  • IT & DevOps Teams
  • Executives & Information Workers
  • Data Preparation (Make your data ready for machine learning)
  • Machine Learning (AutoML, VisualML)
  • MLOps (Deploy your model per your need)

Video Content with Timeline:

  • Earlier or prerequisite Video Tutorial
  • Visiting Model Leaderboard
  • Model Deployment Options
  • Model Registry
  • Let’s Deploy Model
  • Deploy the leader model
  • Rebuild Model for Deployment
  • Creating applications for Model
  • Consuming application
  • Deploy another Model
  • Replacing Deployed Model
  • Various Prediction Methods
  • Prediction over CLI
  • Prediction workflow (Job)
  • Recap



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