AI Spring in Japan

My recent two weeks in Japan:

Current State of AI in Japan:

  • Achieve a human-centered society
  • Share the Guidelines as non-binding soft law and their best practices among stakeholders internationally
  • Ensure a balance between benefits & risks of AI networks
  • Ensure technological neutrality, avoid excessive burden on developers
  • Review constantly and revise as necessary.

Approach to achieve AI vision:

  • R&D investment
  • Fostering Human Resources
  • Improvement of Environment for Data and Tools
  • Support for startups
  • VoiceTra Mobile app for multiple language translation (Future plans are to deploy this app on various embedded devices and point of services to assist 2020 Olympic visitors)
  • WisdomX: The world’s top-level natural language processing AI system with one of the world’s largest knowledge base constructed from a huge amount of character data on the Internet (equivalent to more than four billion web pages or 22 billion sheets of manuscript paper).
  • DISAANA & D-SUMM: System to understand large scale disasters and provide more details
  • Modeling and decoding brain activity
  • Brain/Mind Reading
  • Decoding imagined contents from brain activity

AI based software and services companies and startups:

Finally it is AI spring in Japan:

Other References:



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