Python library librosa is a python package for music and audio analysis. It provides the building blocks necessary to create music information retrieval systems.

librosa uses soundfile and audioread to load audio files. Note that soundfile does not currently support MP3, which will cause librosa to fall back on the audioread library.

Library Highlights:

- CoreIO and DSP

- Feature Extraction

- Onset Detection

- Beat and Tempo

- Spectrogram decomposition

- Temporal segmentation

- Sequential modeling

- Viterbi decoding¶

Content Timeline:

- Content Introduction

- Python Audio processing resources

- Tutorial Source code intro

- Tutorial Starts

- Royalty-free audio

- Audio processing with librosa

- Beats retrieval from audio

- Beats Generation

- Features Extraction

- Zero-Crossing Rate

- Spectral Centroid

- Spectral Rolloff


- Chroma Frequencies

- RMS Root-mean-square

- Code Push to GitHub

- Recap

Python librosa Library:

Source Code used in this example:

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Avkash Chauhan